Carol Cannon
As every decorative painter, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to work within the framework of children’s rooms, be it on their walls, ceilings, furniture or custom-designed and painted canvas rugs. In oder to more fully involve the child in the process, I offer DreamRooms: Rooms to play in, rest in, read in or party in. To color in, paint in, sleep in, or study in. Bedroom, playrooms, bathrooms or poolrooms, we imagine with you and your child the happiest environment for any activity and make these room dreams come true.
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Sometimes creating a welcoming environment for a new-born or sometimes animating the ideas of a youngster, all of those involved have fun when rendering themes with whatever works” custom-made stencils, cut sponges, lettering, painting freehand, gold-leafing, striping, or appliqué and collage…the idea is to make a child’s favorite images or feelings come to life in their special room.
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Carol Cannon -- Children's Furniture

Three dimensional surfaces to anchor just the right motifs: geometrics, floral, celestial moons and stars, animals – anything strategically featured to maximize upon the furniture’s design.
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