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Decorative Painting
Carol Cannon offers private instruction or group classes in virtually any area of decorative painting in any area of the country. From basic techniques (preparing samples to executing the entire job) to more advanced processes or mural projects, call to schedule what, when and where you'd like to learn more. Carol is currently the Lead Instructor at the Alpha Workshops Studio School and has taught in the Cooper Hewitt Museum, various private schools in Manhattan, the Bronx, and at Long Island University.

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Carol Cannon
Carol Cannon
Carol Cannon
La Guardia Community College Students
In a more creative vein...

"Self-Discovery Through Self-Expression" is a class Carol offers as an experiential exploration of one's multi-layered self - through the use of music, movement, painting, writing, and sound, we celebrate the innate creativity within each of us that never fails to yield treasures of understanding and profound gratification, not to mention works of dynamic expression.

Carol Cannon and Dr. Scott McGovern stand in front of a roll of seamless photography paper used by twelve aspiring Expressive Arts Therapists at the 16th Annual Conference of the National Expressive Therapy Association at the C.W. Post campus of Long Island University.

Seeking more structure and skill in thinking and drawing? Learn the InSight Drawing Method - originally developed by two-time Prix de Rome winning sculptor, Susan Smyly. Known to radically increase hand, eye, and brain co-ordination, the InSight Drawing Method takes anyone with any degree of interest in drawing to a masterly level of observing and rendering.
First Exercise of Insight Drawing MethodFirst Exercise of Insight Drawing Method

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