Carol Cannon
Corporate & Commercial

In New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and California, I’ve been able to apply my experience in enhancing professional lobby and office spaces. In working with architects and designers, I’ve offered paint, design, and technical solutions that frequently prove versatile, lasting and extremely cost effective. Sophisticated quality produced professionally – efficiently and without fanfare.

Whether an interior accent wall or high-traffic public space, paint effects and finishes are executed consistent with the corporate identity. Reproduction of colors, logos, new signs and lettering or images are easily done.


Accent walls in reception area of Steelcase Corporation's Parsippany, NJ Headquarters.

Accent features surrounding glass treatment throughout Steelcase Corporate offices.
Vaulted arches, “floated” and painted sheetrock or metal-leafed, indirectly lit areas are some of the upper surfaces I’ve completed for corporate environments. With the scaffolding arranged and quick execution, an uplifted atmosphere is delivered.

One "arm" of t-vaulted ceiling in office building lobby on 40th Street and Madison Avenue. A sandstone oil paint treatment on scored plaster blocks - 12 year longevity thus far.

It goes without saying, my aim for collaborating in commercial spaces is to enhance the identity and themes relevant to the product or service offered. For retail spaces, murals and environments have been painted to establish appealing and memorable experiences, generating repeat customers.

Double-coated with a crystal clear satin finish varnish, most all of the wall finishes done for public spaces are protected to last – whether rugged or refined.

"A Shoe Inn" façade treatment including trompe l'oeil birch bark, flowers, and local beach grasses.

Detail of above
Real Estate Management companies hire me to render or repair ceiling effects in both historical and contemporary buildings.

Silver-leafed recessed ceiling area for Fifth Avenue lingerie company.

One of two gold-leafed recessed ceiling areas for the same lingerie company.

In restaurants on the Upper Eastside, Westside or SoHo, I’ve covered walls, tables and upholstery with complimentary colors, textures, or supportive imagery.

Carol Cannon -- Hospitality
"La Casa de la Femme" at 150 Wooster Street, SoHo, NY; all upholstery and table tops treated to coordinate with wall and floor tile work.

Carol Cannon -- Hospitality

Detail of individual banquette area with red and gold fade-out effect on upholstery and "swirled" table tops, double varathaned.

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