Carol Cannon
Murals & Tompe L'Oeil
They speak for themselves, inevitably having an air characteristic of my illustration style - idealized spaces, almost other worldly, of mountainous backgrounds, lush greenery and perfect flowers, architectural frameworks or elements, Mediterranean seascapes, ancient or timeless, local or "non-local". Painted with a love of detail and subtlety of color.

Nicholas Antiques façade on the 10th floor of the D&D Building, NYC.

One panel of three for Larchmont, NY residence entryway.

One of six Italian plates and vases painted to accompany actual Cotura reproductions in Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

Eight-panel composition hung in Pelham Bay, NY garden room. Each panel covers a brick column in between windows to create an entirely outdoor effect.

Carol Cannon     New York, N.Y.    602.481.9240

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