Carol Cannon
Restoration & Reproductions
From properly and carefully stripping older pieces, possibly bleaching or re-staining them, then lovingly re-leafing, oiling or sealing them, I am determined to bring out the finest qualities in a piece - whether that be the wood grain, design features, or other unique characteristics.

Broadway Theater Dome Set Up Broadway Theater Dome Mid Shot Broadway Theater Dome

Broadway Theater Dome

Re-leafed hand-carved frame for Troubetzkoy Paintings. NYC

Restored antique wood, brass and ivory features for 57th Street penthouse residence.
Prior to doing decorative painting full-time, I freelanced doing restoration on the largest antique poster collection and managed Troubetzkoy Paintings - a gallery specializing in custom-made copies for decorators and art dealers and collectors. As a result, I have the knowledge and experience to both restore paintings, frames, and to do exact copies of original art given there are no copyright constraints.

Custom-made copy of 19th C. French painter Stubbs' monkey for "Wolf" staring Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer.

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