Carol Cannon
Artist’s Statement:

As I may want to embody the light,
As I may want to light the body,
I want my paintings to speak of the light,
embody, radiate, the light,
in the form of colors, gesture, movement, suggestions,
energy in and out of form -- ation...
Entering the eyes, affecting the mind, elevating the vibration of the body, the chakras, bringing the viewer to light, to view light, to know light, to be light, to be lit!

As I may want to embody the love,
As I may want to love the embodiment,
I want my paintings to speak of love,
embody, radiate, the love,
in the form of colors, gestures, movement, suggestions,
energy in and out of form -- ation...
Entering the eyes, affecting the heart, elevating the vibration of the body, the chakras, bringing the viewer to love, to view love, to know love, to be love, to be loved!
Carol Cannon

Although astrology has limited bearing on Carol Cannon’s self-concept, five planets in her fifth house of Leo may explain why creativity is her joy, mode, and purpose in living. Commonly enough, her self-discovery began by her denial of that artistic nature and, while searching ardently for a higher purpose, began working in Connecticut’s first wholesale health food store - Evergreen Good Foods. During that time, and often at this homespun store run by a Buddhist couple, she read and met books and people of a similar leaning, precipitating a move to Colorado where she was employed by Celestial Seasonings Tea Co. (back when there were just a handful of employees). Cannon packed and delivered tea up and down the Rocky Mountain Divide and researched and designed their popular herb and spice charts. In her valued free time, she painted, wrote journals, and researched personal interests such as The Urantia Book with an anticipation of imminent liberation, personal and planetary. It wasn’t until her acknowledgement of her desire for artistic expression that she moved to New York, fell to earth, and attended art school to learn how to make a living from this desire, the desire to transform things, herself, her experiences, and her visions.

During the first semester at the School of Visual Arts, Carol considers it her great fortune to have met Ahmed Yacoubi, the remarkable Moroccan abstract surrealist, whose life gave her more insight into the art world than years at the Beaux Arts may have. After coordinating two exhibitions of Yacoubi’s in Casablanca and six months in Tangier, a poetry collection "Purego", a short story "Madame Le Savouroux", and a finished cookbook manuscript of Yacoubi’s recipes Conscious Food Formulas, she returned to New York to finish her degree in illustration.

While attending school and afterwards, Cannon continued to help Yacoubi exhibit throughout the U.S., worked for a photographer, photo stock house, La Mama Experimental Theatre, silver point artist, marketing company, sculptor, gourmet restaurant, installation artist, The Global Village, television motion graphics studio, antique poster dealer, and taught the InSight Drawing Method. Her decorative "Objets d’Art" included hand-made jewelry, fans, and trays that sold in New York boutiques and were exhibited at La Mama’s La Galleria’s "Nouveau Pre-Post Nuclear Objets" show. After learning restoration and decorative painting techniques, Cannon managed Troubetzkoy Paintings Ltd. (who produced 198 paintings for Martin Scorcese’s "Age of Innocence"). While finishing another degree at the New School University in Creative Arts Therapy, Cannon innovatively utilized the InSight Drawing Method with schizophrenics during her internship and developed the therapeutic potential of this discipline. Simultaneously, she worked as a decorative painter in residential and corporate spaces and studied healing and Energy Psychology. This latter interest led to practicing and teaching quantum principles and their importance to our individual and collective health, along with Reiki, The Emotional Freedom Technique and Resonance Repatterning. Expressing these principles and dynamics through the visual arts and improvisational dance continues to be her inspiration while being the Lead Instructor and Alpha Workshops Studio School.

Carol is also currently composing the complete Catalog Rasisonne for the work of Ahmed Yacoubi.


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